Independent Project Oversight Report (IPOR) Rating


0890-047 California Business Connect

The SOS proposes to develop and consolidate the automated systems that support fee collections, filings, copy and certificate orders services, name reservations, status reports and other related services and reporting functions of the SOS.

Project Details

Agency / State Entity Legislative, Judicial, and Executive / Secretary of State
Total Cost $68,349,013
Last Approved Start Date 04/01/2011
Last Approved Finish Date 12/31/2021
Criticality Rating Medium
Most Recent Project Approval Document Special Project Report 3
Date of Most Recent Project Approval Document 5/4/2018
IPOR Reporting Period Overall IPOR Rating
06/01/2020 - 06/30/2020
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Key Questions

Is the project on track to satisfy the customer's business objectives?No

Is the project on track to achieve the objectives in the approved timeframe?No

Is the project on track to achieve the objectives within the approved budget?No

Project Overall Health Comments
The CBC Project Overall Health Status changed rating to Green due to approval of SPR4 which re-baselined CBC’s schedule and cost : • Project’s new Implementation date: December 2021 • Project’s new over-all cost: $68,349,013 Two remaining modules are set to be delivered for CBC including data migration to retire the legacy system: 1. Module 3 (UCC) on-target for July 2020 release. 2. Module 4 (Business Entities Features) is in-progress: o Cert Status - completed 6/30/20. o Major procurement status completed for system integration. o Data Migration procurement in-progress. Scope change was observed in cost allocation to address mainframe support resource constraint but was tightly implemented within the project’s change approval process.
Focus Area/Rating Comments

green icon Green
• Change request (CR) process is tightly integrated for escalation to allow approval between Sponsor and Steering Committee for any scope changes: o Cost allocation to address mainframe support resource constraint. • Product Owner has authority to determine the scope and character of the functions, features and capability of the system solution. • Project currently uses agile development methodology; Project is prioritizing the product features and user stories based on the business value. • Key governance meetings are occurring as planned in areas of executive sponsorship, steering, risk and product development. • Formal system acceptance is in progress for completed modules. • Governance on SimpliGov support need heightened attention due to several release missed schedules and script deliveries.
Time Management

green icon Green
o Module 3: UCC module o Still within the approved SPR4 July 2020 completion date: o Target 6/22/20 implementation moved to 7/15/20 to address security requirements and bug fix. o Module 4: On-line Business Filings - In-Progress o Certificate of Status: Completed with no reported major issues. o Reported schedule discrepancy status between master schedule and Sponsor Report have been addressed. o Procurement Status: o System Integration, Licensing and Maintenance Service: Done o Data Migration Service: In-progress, planned to be advertised after end of fiscal year. o OCM Service: Planned start date – November 2020. o e-Forms (Change Request) o 3 out of 6 sprints have been completed. Development and testing completed for Sprint 2 & 3. Velocity initially impacted due to QA vendor testing resource constraint and some un-estimated work. Mitigated using combo testing and additional state staff to perform required testing. o Recommendation to review sprint size commitment due to significant story points that were completed late in sprint3 (58% - 14 US pts/24 US pts)
Cost Management

green icon Green
The CBC Project costs were re-baselined for the remaining product development and implementation within the SPR4 . Expended costs to date and has reduced the significant variance from the approved SPR4 EAWs. • Cost Management’s 2018 Plan is being updated to reflect (1) current process of capturing and reporting on planned to actual expenses and (2) recommendations made by IPO in +/- 10% budget variance threshold. • The Project is reporting $23,435,222 (34%) actual cost usage: o No change in FY 18/19 reported staffing actual, coverage is still up to May 2019 which reduced the variance, but remains tentative pending reconciliation. • Staffing allocation need is updated up to the June 2020: o Next update will occur sometime around December 2020. o This update will determine how project staff time will be accounted in the Agency’s timekeeping system. • The CBC project is in the progress of updating the staffing allocation need: o Last update was done up to June 2020 staffing need with baseline using SPR3. o Next update will occur sometime around December 2020 for Module 4 planning and assessment need. IPO recommend to use the new approved PY baseline from SPR4. o Regularl scheduled meeting is being held between IPO and CBC project to address cost concerns and improvements, most notable in FY 18/19 actuals.
Scope Management

green icon Green
Module 3: UCC Module • Completed under 13 Sprints. Last Sprint was focused on system finalization. • Go-Live moved from mid-June 2020 to mid-July 2020 to address (1) critical bug fixes, (2) regression testing related to web security, (3) and (3) data migration. Training has been re-scheduled to be done few days before the new planned Go-Live date. Module 4: BE Forms • Certificate of Status - Done o Completed under 17 sprints. o Use of scrum ceremonies were conducted to define (1) goals (2) product demo for Limited end to end Certs Ordering and UCC Verification Look-up, (3) restrospective in the area of resource tool, team engagement, backlog refinement, capacity and deployment planning including time improvement. • Procurement – completed 3 out of 4 major procurements: o (1) System Integration, (2) COTS Licensing and Maintenance – Done o (3) Data Migration Service – In-progress o (4) OCM – Not yet started • Scope Change o eForms  Completed 3 out of 6 sprints identified.  Total Scope: 56 US pts, Completed: 15, Remaining: 38, Burn-Up: 15  Use of scrum ceremonies were conducted to define (1) goals (2) external facing workflow without internal staff routing and Digital Filing Stamps, (3) restrospective in the area of resource tool, team engagement , expertise and scope management

yellow icon Yellow
Changed from green to yellow due to following triggers: • The project continues to face challenges from resource sharing between teams and service augmentation: o Two contracted augmentation service have ended for this reporting period: (1) Mainframe Support Service and (2) QA Support Service. o Several IT positions were filled for CBC but capacity planning remains an issue. • Resource allocation tracking tool is still in-progress for adoption by CBC and remains to be assessed between SPR4 baseline and CBC’s planned and actual allocation. • SimplyGov hot fix/quarterly releases continues to impact the Project schedule negatively: o SG Spring Release (Pre-Prod) – 75% complete, 6/19/20 released date missed. o SG Spring Release (Production) –0% complete, 6/21/20 released date missed. Other progress: • System integration service, licensing and M&O completed. • All other environments are now in sync for early deployment that can be rolled back should any issues arise. • Use of MS Teams as a resource tool to coordinate remote tests and deployment appears to be working as evident in various Sprint reviews. • OCM procurement is in planning stage with start date around November 2020.

green icon Green
• 12 out of 14 XML filers/customers have been on-boarded for UCC implementation. This was an improvement from last month’s reported tally of 6. 60% are already doing testing and will most likely be completed prior to Go-Live. • Automated test scripts were completed by SimpliGov and is currently in adoption by ITD. This remains to be observed to ensure full integration. o CBC completed SOS web security requirement, Veracode scan, prior to Go-Live to remediate vulnerabilities for both internal and external web applications. o Complexity for Cert Status deployment was completed and addressed with detailed deployment methodology by separating sub-deployments specific tasks for Soft and Public Launch.
Risk and Issues

green icon Green
• During this reporting period, CBC project reviewed existing Risks/Issues: • One high risk upgraded to an issue and two highs risks in the area of interface testing and resource capacity for both state and vendor resource are being closely monitored and addressed by the Project for potential impact on Module 1 & 3: o Issue 20 - External Agency Interface, previously reported as Risk 10. o Risk 12 - ITD's capacity to support both current production and CBC o Risk 23 - M&O Testing of SimpliGov Production Releases • Sub-project impediments are reviewed daily standups, weekly Scrum of Scrum of Scrum meetings, and weekly with the project sponsors.
Transition Readiness

green icon Green
• UCC: o UAT at 98% completion. o User training planned mid-July 2020 o System Acceptance: 37% . • The CBC project is conducting Go/No-Go meetings and assessing the releases. • Project is currently working on the Knowledge Transfer (KT) plan. • The SOS is in the process of preparing the M&O plan for the modules currently in production. o Recommendations to include in KT and M&O plan observed activities in administration and deployment capabilities by CBC staff. • CDT Oversight will validate the project’s implementation and transition to maintenance plans once they are developed.
Conditions for Approval

blue icon Blue
SPR #4 was approved with the following conditions: 1. Within thirty (30) days after the System Integrator contract amendment is exercised, the project staff shall submit to CDT a detailed Master Project Schedule that aligns with the schedule submitted with the SPR. (Status: In-Progress) a. Amendment completed 6/4/20. b. Review of existing master schedule for alignment with SPR4 baseline dates prior to SI on-boarding in-progress. 2. Within sixty (60) days after the System Integrator contract amendment is exercised, the project staff shall submit a resource/staffing allocation plan and processes that align with the new implementation strategy. (Status: In-Progress) a. Amendment completed 6/4/20. b. Development of Resource Allocation Tracking Tool in-progress. 3. Within sixty (60) days after the Data Migration vendor on-boarding, the CBC project staff shall submit a detailed Data Migration Plan and Legacy Decommission Plan. (Status: In-Progress) a. Procurement preparation in-progress, planned procurement will most likely to start by next reporting period.
Corrective Action
The SOS submitted the revised SPR4 to re-baseline the Project schedule and cost. SPR4 was approved on 5/14/2020.