Independent Project Oversight Report (IPOR) Rating


1111-007 Business Modernization Cohort 1 (BMC1)

The California Department of Consumer Affairs proposes to replace the existing legacy systems with a configurable enterprise Licensing, Enforcement, and Administrative, and Information Management solution for the Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists; Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education; Board of Chiropractic Examiners; and, California Acupuncture Board.

Project Details

Agency / State Entity Business, Consumer Services, and Housing / Consumer Affairs, Department of
Total Cost $18,813,514
Last Approved Start Date 01/10/2020
Last Approved Finish Date 07/15/2021
Criticality Rating Medium
Most Recent Project Approval Document Stage 2 Alternative Analysis
Date of Most Recent Project Approval Document 1/10/2020
IPOR Reporting Period Overall IPOR Rating
06/01/2020 - 06/30/2020
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Key Questions

Is the project on track to satisfy the customer's business objectives?No

Is the project on track to achieve the objectives in the approved timeframe?No

Is the project on track to achieve the objectives within the approved budget?No

Project Overall Health Comments
Focus Area/Rating Comments

green icon Green
-- Executive Steering Committee (ESC) meetings are held on an as needed basis. An ESC was held on June 16, 2020, to discuss project status. --The project’s governance practices align with the current approved Governance Plan.--The program/business representatives are actively engaged and empowered to ensure that the project brings value to the program/business.--SCRUM team is established and empowered to plan and manage sprint workload.
Time Management

yellow icon Yellow
--The MVP Go Live date was moved from July 15, 2020 to August 26, 2020. The Phase 2 (M & O) schedule was reduced commensurately, with no change to the project end date. --The addition of Sprint 5, and the correlating change to M&O, caused the schedule to be re-baselined. Thus, the Time Management Focus Area is still yellow for the month of June 2020. --The project has a schedule that includes start and end points for each Sprint in the MVP Release and has identified resources for each Sprint.
Cost Management

green icon Green
--A cost tracking tool has been implemented to track costs and provide reports. --The project expenses are within the amount planned in the budget.
Scope Management

green icon Green
--Stories are selected on a priority basis for inclusion in a sprint by the SCRUM team. --The project has developed a process to manage their project backlog and will be tracking the features delivered. --No change of scope has been observed.

green icon Green
--The project is actively managing its resources. --Appropriate staffing management and contractor management practices are being executed in accordance with the Staffing Management Plan. --State staff is fully resourced. A Product Owner joined the project team in June, completing filling of the State staff positions. --Vendor resources changes in June included the addition of one developer. --The project will be onboarding a new SCRUM Master resource.

yellow icon Yellow
--An Agile methodology (SCRUM) is being followed. --The Product Owners are involved in the quality testing, as well as the project’s State Agile Team. --Key deliverables are past due, impacting resources and schedule. Thus, the Quality Focus Area is yellow for this reporting period. --Development and availability of technical environments are behind schedule, causing an identified risk to be upgraded to an issue. Next steps are dependent on standing up these environments. --Key deliverables were not completed on time. Completion of the System Development Plan, the System Security Plan, and the Training materials are in progress but are past due.
Risk and Issues

green icon Green
--Risks and Issues are being actively monitored, managed, and tracked at this time. -- The project team is adhering to risk and issue monitoring practices identified in the Risk Management Plan.
Transition Readiness

green icon Green
--Operational Readiness assessment is iterative and incremental with lessons learned providing continuous improvement. --Organizational Change Management, Knowledge Transfer and End User Training is included in the project Schedule and is on track at this time. Due to the extension of the MVP schedule, end user training will shift accordingly to coincide with the new MVP Release on August 26, 2020. --DCA’s internal Organizational Improvement Office (OIO), which includes end user training and OCM, participates in the daily SCRUM calls and is engaged with the project to facilitate DCA involvement with end user training and transition. OCM workshops were held in June 2020 for each of the four Boards/Bureaus in Cohort 1.
Conditions for Approval
Corrective Action