Independent Project Oversight Report (IPOR) Rating


4265-028 Women, Infants and Children Management Information System (eWIC-MIS)

The California Department of Public Health proposes to replace the antiquated Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Integrated Statewide Information System (ISIS) and its supplemental applications with a modern, proven system used in other states. The proposed solution will allow the WIC Program, local agencies, and retailers to conduct business functions through one convenient web-based integrated solution.

Project Details

Agency / State Entity Health and Human Services Agency / Public Health, Department of
Total Cost $112,965,333
Last Approved Start Date 10/28/2014
Last Approved Finish Date 03/31/2021
Criticality Rating High
Most Recent Project Approval Document Special Project Report 3
Date of Most Recent Project Approval Document 3/1/2018
IPOR Reporting Period Overall IPOR Rating
06/01/2020 - 06/30/2020
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Key Questions

Is the project on track to satisfy the customer's business objectives?No

Is the project on track to achieve the objectives in the approved timeframe?No

Is the project on track to achieve the objectives within the approved budget?No

Project Overall Health Comments
The Project Overall Health continues to be green. • Project continues to refine the scope of activities for the Phase II along with predetermining payment milestones. • Overall performance of the system has been stable and adoption continues to grow. • The maturity of the project management and program teams continue to be outstanding and pointing to their capacity and capability to successfully complete the Phase II.
Focus Area/Rating Comments

green icon Green
• The Governance process remains effective. • Decisions are made timely at the appropriate levels, and the reporting/communication structure is functioning. • No impact is assessed as a result of a temporary change in project sponsorship. • The federal partners continue to be visible through meetings with project leadership and review of approval documents.
Time Management

green icon Green
• The Project continues to meet schedule milestones timely and is focused on completing the remainder of the Phase I activities and initiating activities for the Phase II and includes: o Conduct Requirement Traceability of Phase I functional and business requirements. o Work on Json interface release (2.0) to PROD on 7/23/20. o Continued vendor engagement efforts to bring the remaining vendors (29) to EBT compliance. o Continued work with the USDA/FNS on approval of the APDU by September 30, 2020. o Continued planning for the transition of the system to CDPH ITSD. o Planning for the Phase II scope. o Project schedule rebaselining. At this time, the schedule has not reflected work effort for Phase II.
Cost Management

green icon Green
• The Project continues to maintain sufficient processes and controls to accurately capture & report project expenses as has been reporting. • The project expenses are within the amounts planned in the budget and are reasonable per the level of work effort accomplished.
Scope Management

green icon Green
• The Project Team is actively managing scope.

green icon Green
• The Project is adequately resourced with state and contract staff. • Contract resources are being used appropriately and billable hours are well managed. • Project continues to maintain adequate resources for service desk and onsite support. • With Phase I near completion, the Project is now reassessing staffing plan for Phase II.

green icon Green
• Adoption of the system continues to grow with statewide implementation now complete. All 83 local agencies and 500 clinic sites are now using the system statewide. • System stabilization and performance fine-tuning are ongoing.
Risk and Issues

green icon Green
• Risks/issues are being proactively identified, tracked, and mitigated. • There are no significant project risks needing escalation or particular focus.
Transition Readiness

green icon Green
• Discussion on the system transition to CDPH ITSD is ongoing. CDPH is to conduct an assessment of the ITSD readiness (resource skillset and availability) which will inform the timeframe for the start of the transition. Pending the assessment, transition plan may begin in two years or one year after Phase II completion (March 2021).
Conditions for Approval

blue icon Blue
Not applicable.
Corrective Action

blue icon Blue
• No corrective action plans are in place at this time.