Independent Project Oversight Report (IPOR) Rating


0820-223 SB 384: Sex Offender Tiering

The Department of Justice (DOJ) proposes to enhance current DOF applications and interfaces and automate current manual processes to implement tier-based sex offender registration, in compliance with Senate Bill 384.

Project Details

Agency / State Entity Legislative, Judicial, and Executive / Justice, Department of
Total Cost $73,644,254
Last Approved Start Date 03/15/2019
Last Approved Finish Date 03/31/2022
Criticality Rating Medium
Most Recent Project Approval Document Stage 4 Project Readiness and Approval
Date of Most Recent Project Approval Document 3/29/2019
IPOR Reporting Period Overall IPOR Rating
11/01/2019 - 11/30/2019
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Key Questions

Is the project on track to satisfy the customer's business objectives?Yes

Is the project on track to achieve the objectives in the approved timeframe?Yes

Is the project on track to achieve the objectives within the approved budget?Yes

Project Overall Health Comments
• The Project Leadership continues being proactive in stakeholder communications and information sharing practices, to ensure internal and external stakeholders are informed of the program and technical changes that are required for the statewide implementation of the SB 384 Sex Offender Tiering mandates. • The Project requirements and systems analysis activities continue to be in progress. • The Project Quality Management contractor has submitted the final Quality Management Plan and has started conducting quality assessments. • The Project business analysis and process reengineering activities continue to be in progress. • The Project is effectively applying staff and resource management practices to address resource gaps. • The Project reports the Tiering Phase 1 was successfully released into production on October 31, 2019 as scheduled and reflects delays with the Tiering Phase 2 activities.
Focus Area/Rating Comments

yellow icon Yellow
• The Project Management processes will continuously be assessed for alignment to governance practices. o The Project Contract Management Plan continues to be refined to address process gaps and include process improvements to address IPO feedback. • CDT IPO access to project facilities was granted, however, access to repositories and tools is still being addressed by the Network Information Security Unit. • The Project Leadership continues to be proactive in the development and implementation of stakeholder communications and outreach information sharing practices.
Time Management

green icon Green
• The updated Project Master Schedule was received with the November 2019 PSR. • The Project reports CSAR Tiering Phase 2 activities reflect delays, due to defect management activities. o However, the Project reports there will be no impacts to the overall Tiering Key Milestone. • Additional tasks to scan records were not initially planned and have been scheduled under the Tiering major milestone. o The Project does not anticipate impacts to the Tiering Key Milestone.
Cost Management

green icon Green
• The Project reports the November 2019 Actual Costs continue to be within the approved budgeted costs. • The CDT continues working with the Project and DOJ budget teams to validate alignment of budget and expenditure tracking is being managed consistently to ensure cost management practices will generate accurate cost report updates. • The updated Project Cost Management Plan was submitted to CDT on July 1, 2019 and processes continue to be under IPO assessment.
Scope Management

yellow icon Yellow
• The Final Project Scope Management Plan is pending submission to CDT. • The Project Requirements Management Plan continues to be refined to address gaps and IPO feedback. • The Change Management processes submitted to CDT on July 1, 2019 are being assessed for alignment with the final Configuration Management process documentation. • The Project has submitted the Final Configuration Management Plan (Offender Registry Applications Unit (ORAU) Software Development Practices) has been submitted to CDT and will be assessed. o The Final Configuration Management Plan for the SB 384 Sex Offender Tiering Project will be assessed to ensure all configuration management components have been addressed and aligned to the Hawkins Data Center operational processes. o The Project plan includes established processes and controls to remediate tissues experienced related to code release management.

green icon Green
• The Project recruiting efforts continue as vacancies occur. • The Project Human Resource and Staff Management Plan are being applied by the Project. o The project continues to collaborate with CDT and Department of Finance to communicate resource and staff planning strategies being used by the Project to prevent negative impacts related to resources and/or staff. • The Project continues to assign dedicated resources to key project roles and responsibilities to address resource sharing and availability, and configuration management risks and/or issues that could impact the project timelines.

green icon Green
• The Project submitted to CDT the final version of the Quality Management Plan. o The Project Quality Management processes are in the process of being reassessed against CDT’s previous feedback. • The Project continues to refine the Requirements Management processes and the Master Test Plan, to address the CDT feedback. • The Project reports the independent quality assurance testing continues to be conducted by the project, while the Quality Management vendor is being transitioned onto the Project. o The Project will coordinate assessment of the quality assurance testing performed with the vendor after transition onto the project and the quality management plan is complete. o The first area for assessment by the Quality Management consultant will be procurement and contract management.
Risk and Issues

green icon Green
• The Project continues to actively process and manage identified risks and issues. • The Project continues conducting bi-weekly Risk and Issue meetings and ad hoc meetings as necessary. • The Project identified no new risks or issues during this reporting period.
Transition Readiness

blue icon Blue
• The Project has developed release transition processes within the Project Configuration Management Plan. o CDT will assess and report observations in future IPORs. • The Project will also develop the Transition Plan in the updates to the Maintenance and Operations Plan. o IPO will continue working with the Project to establish target completion date.
Conditions for Approval

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• The Project shall submit to the CDT an up-to-date Master Project Schedule on a monthly basis, beginning with the April 2019 Project Status Report. o Updated Project Master Schedule submitted to CDT with November 2019 Project Status Report. • The Project shall submit updated Steering Committee approved Project Management Processes to CDT by June 30, 2019. o Updated Project Management Plans were submitted to CDT on Monday, July 1, 2019. o IPO assessments of project management processes and activities continue.
Corrective Action
• None