Independent Project Oversight Report (IPOR) Rating


0860-094 Centralized Revenue Opportunity System (CROS)

The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration proposes, using a benefit based procurement approach, to replace and combine the functions of the Integrated Revenue Information System (IRIS) and Automated Collection Management System (ACMS), implement data warehouse/reporting capabilities, and expand e-services to tax and fee payers. The proposed system will increase tax and fee revenues by improving data collection, access to data, and sharing of data for improved business efficiencies.

Project Details

Agency / State Entity Government Operations / Tax and Fee Administration, California Department of
Total Cost $279,018,405
Last Approved Start Date 09/07/2011
Last Approved Finish Date 08/16/2021
Criticality Rating High
Most Recent Project Approval Document Special Project Report 4
Date of Most Recent Project Approval Document 9/1/2010
IPOR Reporting Period Overall IPOR Rating
06/01/2020 - 06/30/2020
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Key Questions

Is the project on track to satisfy the customer's business objectives?No

Is the project on track to achieve the objectives in the approved timeframe?No

Is the project on track to achieve the objectives within the approved budget?No

Project Overall Health Comments
The Project Overall Health continues to be green for the following reasons: The project continues to be on track according to the Rollout (R4) CROS Project Master Schedule. The project continues active cost management practices in accordance with its documented processes. The project is on time and budget. The project continues to actively identify risks and provide adequate mitigation.
Focus Area/Rating Comments

green icon Green
Overall, project governance practices remain consistent with the project’s Governance Plan and are effective. The governing body is well established and meets weekly. Ad hoc meetings are called for urgent matters. No issues where escalated this month. Delegated decisions are made at the appropriate level and at the right time. The appropriate delegated decision makers approved the Microsoft Teams platform to deliver R4 training classes remotely in a timely matter.
Time Management

green icon Green
The project continues to be on schedule in accordance with the CROS Project Master Schedule. Implementation Readiness Kickoff completed 6/10/20. Conversion Design and Development completed 6/15/20. High-level Design Review completed 6/16/20. Usability Activities completed 6/30/20.
Cost Management

green icon Green
The project continues active cost management practices in accordance with its documented processes. The project costs continue to be within the budget.
Scope Management

green icon Green
No additional scope was added during this reporting period. The project continues to monitor the proposed eCigarette trailer bill in the Governor’s 2020 Budget. If passed, the project scope would be impacted. The project change control board has approved the scope increase pending the passing of the trailer bill.

yellow icon Yellow
The availability of Revenue Accounting resources continues to be a concern. Revenue Accounting is a key stakeholder providing subject matter experts for business requirements, user acceptance and regression testing. Mitigation efforts, such as, resource reallocation (including managers doing the work) have been successful in preventing implementation delays. Since the issue is directly related to the number of accounting staff employed by CDTFA and the size of their core workload, this issue is unlikely to be resolved during the life of this project.

green icon Green
The User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is approximately 70% complete and Regression Testing is on track per its approved timeline. The project continues to closely monitor the UAT and is applying mitigation options to stay on pace. Mitigations include additional testers, voluntary overtime and testing strategy reassessment. The project completed the taxpayer Usability Activities to receive and implement taxpayers’ feedback on CROS ease of use. No major issues were found.
Risk and Issues

green icon Green
The risks/issues continue to be proactively identified, tracked and updated in alignment with the project plans. Appropriate mitigation and contingency plans are established timely. The project is refocusing on the transition plan to identify resource needs for adequate post implementation CROS production support. The effort was interrupted as staff were diverted to address COVID-19 production matters. Risk mitigation has started with the project’s commitment to develop a schedule to complete the transition plan.
Transition Readiness

green icon Green
Knowledge transfer between the FAST and CDTFA development team continues. The project is assessing the knowledge transfer and resources to proactively fill any gaps. R4 cutover implementation kick off took place 6/10/20. R4 curriculum writers completed their 1st draft 6/26/20. The Organizational Change Management (OCM) is effectively planned and executed. The project mailed R4 taxpayer inserts in the June paper returns promoting online filing effective November 2020. A CROS video by the Project Director continues to be released every week to keep the CDTFA staff informed of the project updates. “How To” videos to help taxpayers transition to the Online Services system continue to be updated and released.
Conditions for Approval

green icon Green
Corrective Action

green icon Green
No corrective action plans are in place at this time.